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Link Michael Ray and the Cosmic Krewe, Friday, 02/10/1995
Club Toast, Burlington, VT

Set 1: Drum Blessing[1] > Second Line[1], Neverness[1] > Echoes of the Boat People[1], Saturn[1], Beans and Rice[1], Celebration[1]

Set 2: Angels and Demons at Play[2] > Made a Mistake[2], I'll Wait For You[2] > Dancing Shadows[2] > Pathology[2], Seven for Neon[2], Baby Baby[2], Champions[2], Shadow World[2]

[1] With Trey and Fish.
[2] With Trey, Fish and Mike.

Notes: Trey and Fish played the entire show. Mike performed during the second set on a one-string bass.

Musicians: Dave Grippo, Bob Gullotti, Don Glasgo, Michael Ray, Stacy Starkweather, Steve Ferraris, Adam Klipple, Michael Skinkus, Trey Anastasio (Guest), Jon Fishman (Guest), Mike Gordon (Guest)


Link Sons of Papaya, Saturday, 04/08/1995
East LA, Syracuse, NY

Set 1: Rogue Hair, Cherry Pickiní Frog, Display of Grace, Rose Hill, Cut the Wave, Trina's Odyssey, Everything is Everything, Self, Big Heart > Pelican Jig, Happy Birthday, Intestinal Fortitude, Pumpkins

Set 2: Cabin Fever > Attack of the Rodeo Clown, Route 89, Make You My Bitch, The Bus, Sea Captain, Chooch DeLuke, Leading the Elephants, Stevie's Crib, Go-Kart, Llama

Encore: Weekapaug Groove Jam[1], Self[1]

[1] With Fish.

Notes: This gig was for Mimi Fishman’s birthday bash; Fish (Mimi) joined the band for “Make You My Bitch.” Later, Fish (Jon) joined the band for the encores.

Musicians: Jon Fishman (Guest), Mimi Fishman (Guest)


Link Michael Ray and The Cosmic Krewe, Sunday, 04/30/1995
Jimmy's, New Orleans, LA

Set 1: Astro Nation (Of the United World in Outer Space)[1], Neverness[1], Saturn[1], Face the Music[1], Beans and Rice[1], Neon Art[1], Champions[1], Dancing Shadows[1], Pathology[1], Earthrite[1]

[1] With Trey and Fish.

Notes: Trey and Fish sat in for the whole show. This gig featured a mix of the “North” and “South” Cosmic Krewe lineups. This list reflects portions of the two sets performed that evening and is likely out of order; many of the songs listed are included on Michael Ray and The Cosmic Krewe’s 2003 release, Live at Jimmy’s.

Musicians: Dave Grippo, Don Glasgo, Michael Ray, Stacy Starkweather, Steve Ferraris, Adam Klipple, Eddie Dejean, Michael Skinkus, Trey Anastasio (Guest), Jon Fishman (Guest), Rj Spangler (Guest)


Link Spastic, Friday, 05/12/1995
Mama Kin's, Boston, MA

Notes:   Spastic consisted of Fish on drums and vocals, Martin Guigui on keyboards and vocals; Tommy Lee Smith on guitar; and Aaron Hersey on bass and vocals.  

Musicians: Jon Fishman, Aaron Hersey


Link Pork Tornado, Monday, 07/24/1995
Club Toast, Burlington, VT

Notes: J. Willis Pratt’s We're Bionic and The Dude of Life Band also performed in this triple-bill.

Musicians: Jon Fishman, James Harvey, Dan Archer, Aaron Hersey, Joe Moore, Phil Abair


Link Big Joe Burrell and the Unknown Blues Band, Sunday, 09/03/1995
The Inn at Essex, Essex Junction, VT

Set 1: Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?[1]

[1] With Dr. Jack McConnell.

Notes: Big Joe and his band performed at the wedding reception of Page and Sofi Dillof. All four band members sat in at various points during this set, as did Page’s dad, Dr. Jack McConnell, singing “Bill Bailey.”

Musicians: Big Joe Burrell, Trey Anastasio (Guest), Page McConnell (Guest), Jon Fishman (Guest), Mike Gordon (Guest), Dr. Jack McConnell (Guest)

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