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Link Merl Saunders and the Rainforest Band, Saturday, 04/23/1994
Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA

Set 1: Fever[1]

[1] Fish, Mike and Page sitting in.

Notes: Fish, Mike and Page sat in during this late-night show for a cover of the Davenport and Coole classic, “Fever.” Trey was also in attendance but did not perform. Phish had performed earlier in the evening at Atlanta’s “Fabulous” Fox Theatre.

Musicians: Merl Saunders, Page McConnell (Guest), Jon Fishman (Guest), Mike Gordon (Guest)

jwbulldawg , attached to 1994-04-23 Permalink
I was at this show. Five dollar entrance w/ Phish stub. Fish and Col. Bruce sat right in front of me for the whole show. What can I say other than that after walking ALL THE WAY ACROSS ATL to get to Fox because of Freaknik and then dancing the whole show, my legs were jelly. I had a chance to tell them how much I'd loved them both for years. The only one who wasn't there was Trey.
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