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Link Yonder Mountain String Band, Saturday, 10/06/2007
Congress Theatre, Chicago, IL

Set 1: Peace of Mind, River, Rambler's Anthem, Rain Still Falls, Half Moon Rising, If There's Still Rambling in the Rambler (Let Him Go) > On the Run > Finally Saw the Light > On the Run > If There's Still Rambling in the Rambler (Let Him Go), What's Going On in the Head of That Woman, No Expectations, Midwest Gospel Radio[1], Death Trip[1]

Set 2: Steep Grade Sharp Curves[1], Kentucky Mandolin[2], How 'Bout You?[1], King Ebeneezer[1], Fingerprint[1], I'd Like Off[1], Fine Excuses[1], New Deal Train[1], Crow Black Chicken[1], Classic Situation[1], Girlfriend is Better[1], Two Hits and the Joint Turned Brown[1]

Encore: Hit Parade of Love, Catch a Criminal[1]

[1] With Fish.
[2] With Fish and Chris Wood.

Notes: Fish sat in with Yonder Mountain String Band beginning with "Midwest Gospel Radio" through the end of the show (except for "Hit Parade of Love"). Chris Wood also sat in on bass during "Kentucky Mandolin."

Musicians: Dave Johnston, Jeff Austin, Ben Kaufmann, Adam Aijala, Jon Fishman (Guest), Chris Wood (Guest)

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