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Copyrighted Compilation: The setlists, show notes, song notes, soundcheck information, venue data, and other similar show-related information you see on Phish.Net are the product of several decades of work by countless people, including thousands of additions and revisions made to that data since The Phish Companion was last published, in 2004. It constitutes the core intellectual property of the Mockingbird Foundation, and is actively protected by copyright, although it is made available in part via APIs and in whole via licensing arrangements with third-party providers of iPhone (and other) applications.

Explanatory Information: Throughout the history of this file, a variety of conventions have been adopted or developed in order to provide a consistent presentation of an overwhelming amount of data. That consistency enables many of the features now available via this website, but some of it may be unfamiliar even to veteran "tape" collectors. These include:

  1. Segues: Between songs, a comma indicates a full-stop to a brief pause; > indicates an immediate start or brief overlap without transition; and -> indicates some improvised segue from one song to another, that is not itself part of either song.
  2. Notes: Show notes and song notes typically reference only deviations from the norm.
  3. Abbreviations are not used in setlists, although they are used in show notes and song notes.
  4. Teases, Quotes, & Jams: We distinguish teases (hints of some other song, by one band member), quotes (a part of some other song, typically by one band member), and jams (variations on some song, improvised within or beyond some song being played).
  5. Releases: Notes will indicate if a show has been officially released, for shows prior to 12/31/02; all shows since have been released via LivePhish.
  6. Statistics: Not all shows count for statistical purposes, but all public performances with at least several songs are included.

Ongoing Appreciation: We hope you find the following information helpful. Our goals have always been, and will remain, clarity, completeness, and accuracy. The setlists file will forever be a work in progress. It is not complete now, and may never be. The setlists file will continue to undergo revisions through corrections and additions, particularly of previously undocumented early shows, with the assistance of fans like you and volunteers from The Mockingbird Foundation. We want this file to continue to be the most accurate and comprehensive collection of Phish setlists available, and appreciate your assistance in that effort.

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