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Wednesday, 03/02/2016 Mexico City, New Mexico

Soundcheck: It's Ice, Stash, Harry Hood

Set 1: Sample in a Jar, Runaway Jim, Sparkle > Bold As Love[1], Loving Cup > It's Ice > Taste That Surrounds, Guelah Papyrus, Mike's Song > The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Lawn Boy, Back on the Train, Stash

Set 2: Fire, Theme From the Bottom, Foam, Wilson > In a Hole, Tweezer > Character Zero > Run Like an Antelope

Encore: Amazing Grace, Magilla[2]

[1] Unknown additional percussionist.
[2] Giant Country Horns.

Show Review

Rating: 3/10. Typical stuff, to be sure. Basically okay, but stay at least 10 feet away from Bold As Love. Fishman's playing was the only redeeming thing about it.

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