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Link Thursday, 06/30/2011
Watkins Glen International, Watkins Glen, NY

Set 1: Jam > Undermind, Sleep Again[1], My Soul[2], GinsengGinseng Sullivan, Jam

[1] Ending repeated in order to teach Fish, who had apparently forgot the song's conclusion.
[2] "Maxine don't eat rocks!" chant from Fish.

Average Song Gap: 58.67

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: This was the soundcheck for the Super Ball IX festival. The end of Sleep Again was repeated in order to teach Fish, who had apparently forgot the song's conclusion. Fish was yelling "Maxine don't eat rocks!" during the intro to My Soul. Georgy Girl (The Seekers) was teased before Ginseng.

Song Distribution:
1 Undermind

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "2011 Early Summer Tour."

NOTE: This Phish performance does not count for stats purposes.

phishfillet , attached to 2011-06-30 Permalink
phishfillet There was some great playing in here! I really was digging the Ginseng Sullivan and the jam that followed to close out the SC.
Not sure if it was the thought of what may be ahead in the weekend, but hearing this SC live on Sirius at my home in RI had me feeliní alright!
Score: 2
Guelahpapyrus84 , attached to 2011-06-30 Permalink
Guelahpapyrus84 After the 6 hour drive from Lil' Rhodie and the kids that woke me up at the camp site down the road from the venue, by playing bucket frisbee (you throw the frisbee in the bucket) this soundcheck was a nice little treat. Some of the best playing all weekend.
Score: 2
ghostboogie , attached to 2011-06-30 Permalink
ghostboogie wow... how this soundcheck is somehow still under the radar is a complete mystery. the 20 minute jam that wraps up this hour of excellent phish is as good as ANY phish from the 3.0 era. 2011 was arguably the first truly great 3.0 year (i'll cite SBIX, gorge from that year, the first tahoe shows, and the first shows at dick's as evidence...)- the band seems to have firm footing the day before SBIX, as perhaps the best playing of the festival happened during this soundcheck. and that's saying a lot...
Score: 0

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