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Link Monday, 03/15/2010
The Waldorf Astoria, New York, NY

Set 1: Watcher of the Skies[1], No Reply At All[1]

[1] Phish Debut.

Average Song Gap:

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: Phish performed two Genesis tunes, Watcher of the Skies and No Reply at All, between which Trey gave what Phil Collins described as "a convincing argument" for inducting Genesis into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Songs by Debut Year:

NOTE: This Phish performance does not count for stats purposes.

curleyfrei , attached to 2010-03-15 Permalink
curleyfrei @fydo1974:

I'm listening to it for the first time right now -- as SOON as I read your comment about the mention of the lizards, that lyric came on.

I love these weird little moments.
Score: 3
fydo1974 , attached to 2010-03-15 Permalink
fydo1974 Personally, I thought "Watcher in the Skies" was fantastic! It's lyrical references to lizards shedding their tales brought Gamehenge to mind. I hope it ends up in regular rotation. :)
Score: 2
Lemuria Staff , attached to 2010-03-15 Permalink
Lemuria Phish deserves kudos for successfully tackling two tricky songs, but Trey's vocals on NRaR didn't do justice to the song, the inductees, the event, the venues, or the fans. ;)
Score: 0
AbeVigoda555 , attached to 2010-03-15 Permalink
I've been a Genesis fanatic since long before I even knew Phish existed, so the RRHoF induction was sort of like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup moment for me - two great bands that sound great together. Watcher is a fantastic song and they do a nice job with it, even if it is a little stiff. I don't like to acknowledge any Genesis music past Duke, so No Reply at All holds no interest for me and I admit I have never listened to it. Still, the Watcher is well worth a listen, and if you like what you hear you should dig into Genesis' back catalogue; there's a hell of a lot more where that came from.
Score: 0

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