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Link Thursday, 05/11/1989
Pauly's Hotel, Albany, NY

No known setlist!

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Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

This show was part of the "1989 Tour."

peruvian , attached to 1989-05-11 Permalink
I was a SUNY Albany student from '87-'90. Please don't ask me to remember the set list or even one song from a show over 23 years ago, but I can attest that it happened. My now wife, a great friend, and I were there. We sat at the bar and drank Killian's Irish Red until the dancing began and we watched the boys bounce on the tramps. The shuttleboard table wasn't even moved as there was only about 30 of us there. I had long been running around the northeast to see the band at Nectar's, The Front (I loved when The Front was full of hippies and the Outback full of Frat boys), etc. so when they came to Albany, we walked down the block and enjoyed the show.
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Trems88 , attached to 1989-05-11 Permalink
Trems88 Ok if they really played at Paulys in 1989 and someone reads this that was there or knows someone that was etc, add a comment and tell me about it. I went to Suny Albany from 2005-2009 and spent a ridiculous amount of time at that bar drinking 25 cent drafts. It seriously is a sacred place to me and about 100 of my friends. For my first 2 years at school anyone who was under aged went to Pauly's with a chalked id and got crazy for weekends on end. UA is a big school and the vast majority of underaged drinking for my class was done at this bar. Every time I mention to someone that Phish played at Pauly's once its hilarious. I feel like half of my "college stories" involve John Mancini's Pauly's Hotel, and like most, that really is a lot of stories.

Someone enlighten me on this unconfirmed show/setlist. I can only imagine the corner that they would have squeezed into, at the same time knowing that I definitely pissed in it a few times.
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