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Link Monday, 03/04/1985
Hunt's, Burlington, VT

Set 1: Anarchy[1], Camel Walk, Fire Up the Ganja[2], Skippy the Wondermouse[3], In the Midnight Hour

[1] First known version.
[2] First known Phish version; Bobby Hackney and Jah Roy on vocals.
[3] With McGrupp lyrics.

Average Song Gap: 6

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon, Jeff Holdsworth, Jah Roy (Guest), Bobby Hackney (Guest)

Notes: This show was an African Relief benefit for OXFAM. Fire Up the Ganja (which is the song Fire on the Mountain with different lyrics) featured Bobby Hackney and Jah Roy of the band Lambsbread on vocals. This setlist is incomplete and featured the first known version of Anarchy and first known Phish version of Fire Up the Ganja. This is the first known version of Skippy to have McGrupp lyrics. (This song was called Skippy by the band at this time, even though it eventually became McGrupp.)

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1985 Tour."

RunawayJim4180 , attached to 1985-03-04 Permalink
RunawayJim4180 This is a great early show to listen to, mainly for the quality of the recording relative to the timeframe. Most other tapes of 1985 shows are of terrible quality, so the early music really shines through here. Onto the setlist:

Anarchy-Not much to say here, other than it got a few laughs from the crowd.

Camel Walk-Excellent early version! Although Jeff's vocals are somewhat lacking (to be kind) the playing here is tight and even a bit experimental for the last two minutes. I've downloaded this version for future listening. Trey's early tone is crunchy and dissonant, and I love it!

Fire up the Ganja-A fun take on Fire on the Mountain by the Dead, this one stretches out for 15 minutes, with 5 or 6 of those minutes occupied by Jah Roy dropping some reggae dub on the crowd to raucous applause. Not essentially listening, but cool nonetheless.

Skippy the Wondermouse- Another excellent early take on this "McGrupp" kernel. After Trey's "narration" portion, the band launches into a fantastic jam at about the 5 minute mark that really soars! After a quick peak, there's another build up at the 7 minute mark that features some great rolls by Fish and more shredding by Trey until the core notes return around 10:30. Brilliant work all around.

In the Midnight Hour-Decent enough take on this Pickett track, although Jeff fits the cover band singer cliche very well. Nice licks from 3 minutes on in any event.

In summary, the quality of the recording really makes this show a standout for its era. Excellent early versions of Camel Walk and Skippy (McGrupp) with 3 "take it or leave it" tunes that are fun listens if you have the time to spare.
Score: 2

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