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Link Monday, 12/12/1988
The Front, Burlington, VT

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Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

This show was part of the "1988 Tour."

Keyrock , attached to 1988-12-12 Permalink
This was one of the most epic show experiences of my lifetime. I was a college freshman in upstate New York and my friend from school had turned me on to Phish. He had friends up at UVM in Burlington, so we went up for a long weekend to party. They were completely dedicated fans and had lots of awesome Phish tapes of that era. Everyone's favorite song was Fee and the girls were in love with Mike. This show was 21 and over and my friend and I were too young to get in legitimately, so we had someone go in and come out so we could copy the hand stamp with a sharpie. The guy at the door was suspicious, but the guy with him said just let him in, for which I was very grateful. I think there were less than 100 people there. There was a crowd at the front of the stage but the sides were empty and I could go right up and watch them play up close with the whole space to myself to groove in and watch Fish's wizardry which was super amazing. I'm not sure if they played Fee but they did play a flawless Fluffhead which was my own favorite. I also remember them doing Good Times Bad Times as the encore which I completely loved. I wish I could remember more of the setlist but I loved every moment of that show. I talked to the band members after the show, shook their hands and expressed my deep admiration for blowing my mind with their musicianship and they were very nice about it. The band did get even better musically in the years after that but for me nothing seems to match the level of energy they had playing to that core group of dedicated fans in an intimate setting like the Front. The experience for me is unparalleled.
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