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Permalink Posted by RunawayJim4180 on , attached to 2013-09-01
RunawayJim4180A review only on the Divided Sky from this show. Someone reviewed it as such:

"Now, I listened to a bunch of shows from '95 through '99 over the last couple weeks before this run because I wanted to be able to get an accurate comparison to '13. People have been saying this tour finds Phish playing at their best in a long time, possibly ever, so I was hoping to get a sense of the accuracy of that statement. If you want evidence of these claims, look no further than this Divided Sky. I swear if you boost the hell out of the mids on Trey's guitar, this Sky would sound straight out of a show from '98. Spin the track if you disbelieve, but needless to say the entire crowd went completely nuts as they peaked the hell out of this song over and over again before again sticking the landing."

This being my first time seeing the song live (I've been chasing it for years), I generally disagree with the statement above. I thought it was pretty sloppy with Trey missing quite a few notes after the 9 minute mark. Don't get me wrong, I was over the damn moon once the first few notes rang out (lots of high fives and hugs), but take another listen and you'll see what I mean. I guess that's the problem with listening to Phish destroy an intricate song like Divided Sky several hundred times before seeing it live; the expectations are simply unrealistic. Lesson? Don't be like me, check your expectations at the door and enjoy the damn show!
Score: 1

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