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Permalink Posted by mmbyem on , attached to 2013-09-01
mmbyemSince we are finally done with the word game, let me continue...
You take the two P's out of the second set fill it with something Y and its a great closing set! Piper felt crammed , BUT did take shape to a nice transition..not as good as the Gorge Boogie, but good! Thanks to all the new locals!!! One word for ya all..Green Thumbs!
Nothing make me feel better leaving a show with either dropped jaws or Phish smiling. For those of you doing some fall shows your gonna get yours and hope you get it all!!! ;-) This was a get together and a great one at that, love the local "talent" but come October....
"It's gonna be cold cold's gonna be.."
Hope to see you all there and it's not ".....Cold Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!"
Loves Dicks!
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