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Permalink Posted by RobesPierre on , attached to 2013-07-10
RobesPierreawesome show. high energy all around... only down sides were the sudden and totally jam killing transition from sand>light and the possom encore... come on guys... we dont need a possum every other show.

XEYED jam was top notch amazing. hood was great as well... and axilla... those three songs worked really really well.

on a side note... is missjohnnybgood serious about boycotting phish because of the mkdevo thing?

why do you think ticket prices are so high... because no one buys music anymore... you know why? because of people like mkdevo...

i loved his vids, and i dont hold it against him. but c'mon, do you really think phish is supposed to just give away their intellectual property? he was posting hd video and sound of every show. how entitled are you that you think you deserve free hd audio and video to every show?
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