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Permalink Posted by telascomet on , attached to 2013-07-10
telascometTop to bottom very good show first set is well played with a nice tour debut of Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan, which I suggest hearing it is high energy. Another is the Gin it is good. You should give this a listen or two. After a nice Suzy Greenberg first set comes to a close.

And the fun is about to start.

Set 2 for this show is awesome this Crosseyed and Painless is SICK. It's nice and type 1 for the first 8 minutes then mike pushes the jam. Really great interplay the whole song with page and trey then they reach a nice peak, before HOOD. This hood is really nice I think This tour is the one were 3.0 finally hits that Jesus note like they use to in 93' to 96'. With that said although it is not the most amazing peak you will ever hear this hod is really good patient with a solid peak. Next up Axilla short, sweet, packs a punch, moving on. Sand comes up to swing and it's a nice one. You could argue that it gets "ripdorded" (if thats even a word). But although it sounds like it was abruptly cut short it still is very good. I just found myself sitting in a sick groove watching this from home. But at least it is ended for Light, which many of you know ii probably the jamming vehicle of the 3.0 era. vThis one os now different some nice dark play which emerges into a beautiful last minute and a half. Then GTBT rages. Followed by the 3rd Slave of this tour, I can't complain because I love this song. It has a great peak and when you think the set doesn't. Rocky Top and Cavern close. Then...

POSSUM I laughed so hard when they started it but I like the song so I son't mind it being played every other show.

All and all Great show I gave it 4.5 stars but I round up so yeah.
Score: 1

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