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Permalink Posted by CreatureoftheNight on , attached to 2013-07-10
CreatureoftheNightThe C+P jam tonight showed that we are still moving forward. It was magical, galloping along with the patience to let ideas develop democratically while bringing in more complex harmonies. Other versions of phish could play 2012 material, but probably not the developing maturity of 2013's type II jamming. I am so optimistic about the future of the band right now!

Read the article Land to Reform and solargarlic78's review of 7-7-2013. They write more eloquently about where I feel the band's type II jamming is right now. The C+P jam moved one step closer to merging the thematic jamming of Dick's and the stream of consciousness and restlessness of 2013 so far. Of course, tonight wasn't perfect, but they are reaching for new territory more than (possibly) any time in their career.
Score: 4

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