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Permalink Posted by gphillips on , attached to 2012-06-23

Not sure if you saw this thread, ( but I noticed this too and just said "hey that guy kinda looks like Mike Gordon...yeah the one in the back seat." But I never thought he would just drive up in a normal car. Pretty awesome.

Anyway what a great show. Sometimes when I'm not totally with it and in orbit a bit it's hard to discern what I would think would be a good jam or not if I listened to the show the next day (usually I just focus on dancing and get critical later). But when the Mikes>Simple portion of Mike's Groove was starting to get there I could just feel it in my bones how monster the whole Mike's Groove frame was. I thought the slave was incredibly beautiful but again I was in full orbit at this point. Encore: loved how Trey flubs the lyrics and coincidentally the next lyric, which he says as he smiles and laughs at the crowd, was "their clumsy end was perilously near" as if he was gunna be the one to end us for cheering at his flub. Phun stuph
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