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Permalink Posted by ThinMan on , attached to 2013-01-24
ThinManI got to say that this was the most fun I have had a TAB show since the NYE run of 2006. The playing was inspired, the energy through the roof and just an all around great time.

The whole show felt a bit more introspective then your run of the mill TAB show which was cemented by a fantastic setlist that was far more unique then the rest of the tour. Obviously the rockers stood out per usual with Last Tube, Night Speaks & Mr. C standing out, but the real gravy of this show are the delicacies of Greyhound, Words to Wonda, Case of Ice & Snow, Way I Feel and Ether Sunday. All delivered with passion. All beautifully done.

Then you throw in Spin (the "with" jam being a major highlight), Valentine and Plasma and you have a complete show.
Score: 3

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