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Permalink Posted by QuinnTheEskimo on , attached to 2012-06-15
QuinnTheEskimoGlorious show. Atlantic City is an absolute fun-fest. The atmosphere at this unbelievable venue was relaxed, communal and genuinely Phish-y. Great music and great vibes all night long.

Set 1: Immediate intensity with The Sloth opener. My Sweet One keeps energy up. I know it's supposed to be fast, but this was actually faster than I like, but still definitely enjoyable. Standard, but well-played 46 Days follows. Camel Walk is nothing special not ever a huge fan of the song. Tube on the other hand is extended and a real funky treat. I love Phish playing Cities, especially when they're playing shows in fun cities, like AC. It was at this point in the show that I started looking around to try and take in the carnival-like surroundings. It's Ice fits nicely next, and demonstrates good pacing for the set. Ginseng is a song I didn't appreciate until this show it's a lot of fun live, especially in the heat of summer. Stash is played well, the clever interplay among all four guys is really evident. When I hear the opening to Simple, I just know I'm in for a good time. This song never fails. To me it basically highlights everything Phish is about. After a strong Simple, Trey moves into Wedge, which is a nice treat before a monster rendition of STFTFP. This is easily my favorite STFTFP ever. It is fleshed out and the form and content of the song seem to meld better than ever. Behind Antelope, I think Squirming Coil is my favorite way to end a 1st set. This version is lovely as always, but Page's outro just leaves you feeling so warm inside. Those circling piano notes, which echo in your head, are really the only way to tide me over to the second set.

Set 2: My Soul is a logical opening. It essentially serves as an effective "get ready for what we have in store for you." The three-song-unit that follows is utterly extraordinary. I implore you to listen to this BOAF->BOTT>Heavy Things. You will not regret it. Since many others have noted the brilliance of the BOAF and BOTT, I'll focus on the Heavy Things, which is better here than it's sounded in a long time, in my opinion. Heavy Things often gets a bad reputation as merely a pop song masquerading as a Phish song. If you are one of the many who hold that opinion, I recommend you listen to this version carefully. It possesses such artful soloing by Trey, reinforced by the other musicians who complement his playing perfectly. After this triplet of songs we get a fun Twist in which Mike and Fishman stand out. We are next treated to a juicy, speedy serving of Piper. Billy Breathes gets the ballad spot. All things considered, it works better here than it would have anywhere else in the set, and it is a pretty song. After this breather, Sneakin' Sally is a blast, and the teaser-filled Bowie gives everyone a chance to lick their fingers and briefly re-taste the delicious music that we'd been served all night.

Encore: First Tube was certainly not unexpected, by any means, as the closer of AC night one. But it was appreciated completely. That song has a really mystical feel, which suited the night perfectly.

Really a fun night. Phish showed they were having a fun time. The setlist felt like it was simply what they wanted to play, and that's how I feel it should be. Can't wait to go to another show like this.
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