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Permalink Posted by EducateFright on , attached to 1997-12-06
EducateFrightMy second show! And this one is truly significant: 15 years later, this remains one of the top 5 best Phish shows of all time according to fan ratings.
Gosh, this soundboard (from is crystal clear! The funk starts with the second song of the first set: Antelope! This Antelope features some twisted guitar from Trey, accented by the excellent use of some truly demented effects. Foam is so tight, it could have been played in '92. Later in the first set comes a KILLER Maze... Around the 5:00 minute mark, during Page's solo, Trey starts to make his guitar growl very cool. Thanks to more heavy effects, at 10:00 Trey's playing starts to get very fractured and generally weird, and the weirdness never really lets up for the remainder of his long solo.
Set 2 is what's really made this show famous among fans. Tweezer is heavy on the funk, but Izabella sports the standout jam of the set. Piper is remarkable for Trey's relentless, fierce playing. It's a great set, but honestly I don't think it quite justifies this show being in the top 5 of all time.
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