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Permalink Posted by kipmat on , attached to 2012-08-31
kipmatI am not one who employs the use of vulgar language. Generally, I prefer to use humorous or nonsensical substitutes, e.g. "mamaquacker", "piece of junk", "son-of-a-bee-sting", etc. Having said that, in my opinion this show surpasses Utica and UIC I as the best show of 3.0.

I have listened through the whole of Summer '12, and rated each single song performance using the 5 star scale on my iTunes. The majority of songs performed in Summer '12 would receive either 1 or 2 stars, and I ended up with only 8 tracks that received a full 5 stars. Of those 8 tracks, this show contains 2: Runaway Jim and Chalkdust Torture. That's a huge advantage. Then add 3 4-star performances: Carini, Undermind, and Farmhouse, and this is now the most improvisational show of the year. And with the setlist gimmick, Emotional Rescue breakout, and a mid-first set YEM?

My only, ONLY quibble is the F your Face as a set closer. I'm glad they played it, but I follow it in the playlist with something a little tighter, like "Ha Ha Ha" or even "Frankenstein". Everything else about this show, however, is perfection.

If you only ever purchase one download from, it should be this show. Particularly since the windy conditions affected the Aud recordings. What would happen if Phish pulled planned setlist pranks every night?
Score: 1

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