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Permalink Posted by HHCCCCAA on , attached to 1998-11-02
HHCCCCAAWhat a frickin' surprise. I would've done something really wild upon realizing what the band was doing, what they were playing. DARK SIDE OF THE EFFING MOON! What that wild act would be I'm not sure because it would be WILDLY spontaneous. It would be something celebratory and I'd like to say that everyone would still be safe, and that's probably true, but I might jump off some balcony or what have you and get hurt ... HHCCCCAA ... I've heard the band didn't have too great of a turnout here in Utah with the big Halloween '98 show (in which they covered The Velvet Underground's "Loaded" album) passing just a few days earlier, so they decided to treat the fans that were showing their support in Utah. The Nirvana encore is really cool too, albeit sloppy as a Joe. Carry on, if you're watching a movie at home, Carrie: >ON
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