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Permalink Posted by HHCCCCAA on , attached to 1997-11-22
HHCCCCAAI've managed to find a pretty large number (considering the task) of independent recordings of this show. Needless to say, though this is an opinionated statement: this show is one of the best PHiSH shows of all time without a doubt, and is one of the shows that combine to form a list of default listens ... However significant of an opinion it may be, I'm quite positive that an uncountable amount of Phish lovers would agree with me; many have, thus, putting 11-22-97 on their own list of default shows to listen to over and over and over and over. I've listened to this show countless times and love it. The band members seem to remember their collective performance and individual nights of exceptional artistic display quite damn fondly as well; they've released the show as part of the "Hampton/Winston-Salem" collection. I could ramble and ramble on about this show ... (Which makes me think I may (will) soon write and leave a review for the band's 'Zeppelinesque' show from AC, NJ from 10-30-10) ... But this show, of all shows I could ramble continually about, is a must-frickin'-listen. I'm bummed when friends that also enjoy Phish can't pinpoint this show or remember listening to it. A phenomenal show by the four members of the band, as previously stated, individually and collectively ... AND! ... SUCH ... SICK ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... WHIPPIN-ILL-NASTY FUNK that was the main/recurring theme of Fall Tour '97 a.k.a. 'PHiSH Destroys America'. Cow Funk ... Check this out check it out.

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