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Permalink Posted by Issiah on , attached to 1994-10-31
IssiahTickets to this show were hard to come by in a lot of instances. A friend of a friend had camped out for tix and decided not to go. It enable this soul to makes its way in. There was people trying to get into that place from every which way. Climbing through ducts, kicking doors, bum rushing the gate!
Inside was nutz too, If you wanted on the floor it wasn't hard and Lots of people crammed in like sardines. They came out and trey had a cloud on his head. They busted into Frankenstein and everyone started rockin'...It was cool
The White Album is a great classic and they did a really good job of it. Not to complain, but it isn't always easy to groove out to. Eyes were popping out of skulls when fishman whipped out his weiner. Can remember standing there like WTF!? The Antelope ripped hard...

The costume contest was really cool. They had announced it in the Schvice and watching it manifest was really somethin. There were some good ones,, Wanna say some chic was like Tela with the multibeasts and another dude was like all in blue it was a good costume but memory is failing. The winner was a mounds candy bar.
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