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Permalink Posted by n00b100 on , attached to 1993-05-08
n00b100With due respect to @DollarBill, whose early-Phish reviews are invaluable, I have to disagree with his review of this show and agree with, uh, the other reviews of this show. The second set, in particular, is my go-to for pre-94 Phish, even over anything in August '93 - the Mike's and Weekapaug here are short but played with so much gusto; the segues into and out of an explosive Crossroads (not bad for a debut!) are a joy; the Bowie is (to me) glorious and energetic as opposed to sloppy (where you might hear a "mea culpa for the fuckups" in Have Mercy, I hear a charming tonal shift); and the Amazing Grace jam, short though it may be, is truly uplifting once they get the Weekapaug beat synced up. Sure, there're some moments where the band could be tighter, but this is surely not the only famous show where you could say that, and the driving power of the jams overcomes those less than perfect moments (much like the Bomb Factory, which also has some fugly moments). The first set's fine (don't miss the Stash/Kung/Stash), but this second set holds together remarkably well considering how much terrain it covers and is a real must hear in my mind. If you have the LivePhish version, you also have a killer Tweezer and YEM, both of which are probably better than anything from this night. Still, this is a desert island show for me, and considering my post-96 leanings, that's saying something.
Score: 5

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