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Permalink Posted by n00b100 on , attached to 1999-12-08
n00b100I honestly like this show better than the previous night's show; that show has two monster jams, but the rest of the show ventures from unexceptional to pretty bad (coughjenniferdancescough), while this show is stronger front to back. Set One boasts a DWD that drops into a late night mellow groove, a Ya Mar with an adventurous, surprisingly dark jam that does indeed have some techno inflections, and a thrilling late-90s Antelope that starts relaxed before crescendoing in fine clanging time-honored Antelope fashion. Set 2 starts with a Sand that is catnip for lovers of the late-99 style, swirling and mesmerizing and perfect to lose yourself in (whether that's a good thing is entirely up to you), until Trey lets loose with some wild, effects heavy solos in the final few minutes. After Dirt cools things down, Piper immediately blasts off, the band tearing through the composed section, then slowing things down halfway through to enter a more relaxed groove, with Trey breaking off weird loops and Page offering some elvish keyboard playing. Fish then slows the tempo down even more, allowing Page to switch to more shimmering notes, Trey's guitar accompaniment fluid and Fukuoka-esque. Dog Faced Boy is an inspired way to let everyone catch their breath. The Lizards is next, then a funked out YEM that breaks no new ground (although Page driving the bus is always nice) but ends in glorious fashion with the vocal jam turning into a very well done Tweezer Reprise. The encore is standard, but throwing in a real Tweezer Reprise was a nice touch. Give this show a listen; it's a real hidden gem.
Score: 2

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