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Permalink Posted by the_nitty_gritty on , attached to 2012-08-28
the_nitty_grittyReally well put wakajawakka. I too got ripped for similar comments in the blog here The second set was full of great segues, but not jams. And even the Limb x Limb, great as it was, turned into yet another rock jam instead of the surreal masterpiece it started off into. "muzzled 2001 and just-average YEM" is perfectly put! Please don't play 2001 unless you are going to play IT, guys.

Go listen to the Undermind, Runaway Jim, and Chalkdust Torture from 8/31/12 before you reply to hear what wakajawakka and I were looking for in the ones we heard in StL. Even Carini is a metal rocker but Denver got HOSE out of it. Would have been nice to have heard that out of Sloth or Possum or Quinn or Sand or Walk Away or Julius or any of the other hard rocking type Is we got.
Score: -3

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