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Permalink Posted by TheEmu on , attached to 2012-06-22
TheEmuThe first set is pretty flub heavy, some of them humorous and fun (lyric flubs in Wolfman's and Jim, false starts on Poor Heart and Moma), some of them just sloppy (Peaches, Wilson). The Wolfman's jam makes for a solid start to the show, though, with a funky Manteca-ish breakdown and some nice Cactus and Page. Jim is good, too, and finds Trey painting beautifully with blended trills. The Light Up and Stash, though, aren't as strong, with the Stash especially struggling and ultimately failing to peak. The end of the set is amusing as only Fishman ribbing can be.

Set two gets off to a much stronger start. DwD has a theme right off the bat and jams ecstatically before settling back into a groove that moves from light and fluttery to straight-up rockin'. Unfortunately the transition to Guelah is pretty rough. Kill Devil gets right in the pocket but then gets stuck there, then flirts with an outro jam before climaxing and moving into space.

Twist is obviously the highlight of this show, although the first six minutes or so are pretty average. But when Page shifts to the organ, the jam goes cosmic...Fish holds the foundation while Trey pitch-shifts and licks, and the band decides to Twist the Control for the Heart of the Sun. Ultimately the jam flexes its rock muscles before executing a perfect > to Halley's, which itself has a beautiful > into Sand. Sand gets a tad plinko, but Trey stays inside the box before pulling another good segue (though not as nice as the previous two) into Roggae. The rest of the set is pretty standard, although Carini is ripcorded and Golgi is pretty sloppy. The Fluffhead encore is solid, and you just have to love a fat encore like that.

All in all, despite some ripcords and flubs, there is a lot to love about this show. You have one really nice jam in Twist, above average versions of Wolfman's, Jim and DwD, some great banter ("Well, fuck that song!) and a string of nice segues in Twist > Halley's > Sand -> Roggae. Four stars might be generous for this show, but three doesn't quite feel right, so I'll go with four.
Score: 2

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