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Permalink Posted by beyondthebeyond on , attached to 2012-09-01
beyondthebeyondPointless stat: this Saturday night Dick's show shares 9 songs with last year's Saturday night Dick's show (9/3/2011). I have no idea whether that is of any interest, but I'll remember this for the '13 show.

I feel like I've seen some pretty fantastic moments of Phish in person over the years, but as Light wound down I turned to my buddy (his first show) and said I was pretty sure that was the best 15 minutes of Phish I had witnessed. So many different thoughts and teases in there. I'm not saying it is the best 15 minutes of Phish ever, but it sure isn't the worst. This show was a blast, and Light is definitely not the only song to hear from tonight. Catch 'em all.
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