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Permalink Posted by n00b100 on , attached to 2012-08-31
n00b100Apologies for no musical analysis in this review; that's been covered. Just a quick mental exercise.

Not that I think this show is better than 11/17/97 (although if you wanted to start a debate I wouldn't be offended or anything), but you know how 11/17/97 has that really neat thing where both sets look like second sets and would be linchpin sets of pretty much any other show Phish has played? That's what we have with this show - two sets that a) look and flow like 3.0 second sets (this is unfair, given the show gimmick, but I would take this show's ridiculous first set over any of the 15-song bustout-laden 1st sets of 2012's first leg, to give an example) and b) would probably be the best sets of most shows from 3.0. Add all that up, and I believe this will be *the* show people talk about when they talk about 3.0. For now, of course.

Off to play that Undermind again...
Score: 8

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