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Permalink Posted by phunky58 on , attached to 2012-09-02
phunky582nd 6 song set in 3 days!! i was hopn after trey spoke about how much fun they were havn and how genuine he was about this tour being over they would drop fall tour dates. thats me jus dreamin tho. neways standard first set imo. 2nd set whole different story. The sand is absolute must hear material, possibly the best jam of tour but thats all relative withh all the amazing jams they threw down especially over the three day run at dicks. sand-->ghost-->piper is the meat of this set and will prob be listened to over and over by phans including me. However the Hood they dropped later in the set was absolute bliss. the jam was so patient and beautiful. one of the top hoods this tour imo.
Score: 2

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