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Permalink Posted by CentralScrutinizer on , attached to 2012-09-02
CentralScrutinizerI can't send private messages or I'd respond to waxbanks or waxbanxnor whatever it was. I like you. You're allright. 1) no more comparing genres than the people I was responding to. And 2) I'm responding to vigor fertility and clarity equally. I don't think their was any shortage of creativity and fertility in 1992 and 1993. If anything I think they were at their most creative and fertile. So I disagree with your second statement aalthough it's a fair point to think that. I love the sand. That was awesome. And I loved last nights Light. That was great too. But they're arguably not even te best versions of those songs let alone better than their best versions of better phish songs so the best ever is just kinda silly, that's all. Great Light and great Sand. No doubt. That's all I'd say about that show but people with their it's the best show ever and no 8 hours of music better? Come on. But wax guy. You're allright.
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