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Permalink Posted by kungkungkung on , attached to 2012-09-02
kungkungkungSo I've said my piece about the last 2 shows apparently to many people's chagrin. I thought set 2 night 2 was mindblowing, and night 3 Ride-Captain-Ride-onwards was pit of this world. Was that a Sand? Or the greatest thing phish has ever done? Or both? I hope phish reads what we say, because my god we fucking love what the band has evolved in to, and if they keep doing this, they are going to change people's perspective of what a song or a "jam" really is. When they break down a song a put it back together again, it is not a jam. They are doing something special, and we all love it, and we all hope it keeps progressing. Stay sober. Stay phresh. Stay phish. Love you guys.
Score: 15

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