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Permalink Posted by BathtubG on , attached to 2012-09-01
BathtubGWow some real articulate reviews here, some not so much. I thought this show was very solid, I'm honestly not sure why everyone is so "ape-shit" about Fri night seemed gimmicky and "over-rated"(don't get me wrong i like a good joke). While Sat night wasn't the best 2 sets I have seen it was very good and deserves props. As a somewhat older(at times jaded) fan, show energy is everything to me and this show had great energy, the first set really brought me back to my early phish days. Lot's of fun high energy songs in there with a few inspiring type I solo's/jams, just what I would expect from a great night of phish. Followed by some fairly longer songs/jams in the second, Rock and no gimmicks needed!
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