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Permalink Posted by LightsWentOut on , attached to 2012-09-01
LightsWentOutOne of the aspects of Phish's music that I appreciate a lot and that gets oft overlooked is the spectacular beauty that can emerge at any given moment. Phish's ability to structure simply gorgeous passages of melodic delicacy is breathtaking. For this Phish fan, it's not all about balls-out, muscular jamz 24/7. I love that style of playing as anyone with an appreciation for all things rock and roll should, but I have literally been brought to tears by these kinds of passages and that my friends is the experience that I tend to remember most. Phish is a band with an amazing emotional range that has been largely ignored by not only outside critics, but even by the devout. Well, maybe not ignored, but there isn't a lot of chatter in the lot about this stuff. I get it though.

Lucky for me, this second night at Dick's provided us with a metric shit tonne of this delicate style of playing and for that I will be eternally grateful.
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