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Permalink Posted by phunky58 on , attached to 2012-09-01
phunky58this show has nothing on the previous night except for maybe the caspian-->light which was the obvious highlight of the evening. one of the better versions of light played imo. gotta stay in reality and not hop on the bandwagon of wow this show was face melting shit mannn.. cuz in actuality it wasn't as a whole. the caspian--> light was. but night1 from beginnning to end just took me to that place that only phish can and we all know what that place is. imo pppl reach and say how great and unbelievable a show was when in actuality it was good but nowhere near what they write. they just want it to be as good as they write soo bad but in reality it isnt. night1 ppl wrote how unbelievable the show was (best of tour, best of 3.0 etc...). I was included in the ppl who wrote things like that and reality definitely backed those statements up. jus put those shows back to back its like night and day. cant wait for tonight and yet sad at the same time tour is coming to an end.
Score: 1

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