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Permalink Posted by kungkungkung on , attached to 2012-09-01
kungkungkungTo CentralScrutinizer:

" First set was a snoozefest. I thought it blew the big Meatstick. Second set had some nice moments. Light was pretty good. Didn't hit the levels of some other Lights...But alas, no jokes or clues last night. It would be cool but I just don't see it happening tonight...Hopefully new years run will be better than last years flop. And hope tonight is better than last night which had a nice Light and a cool Mikes Groove and let the always fun Boogie bass beast loose in Denver. But little else worth writing home about."

There's definitely some hating in there man. I'm trying to have a passionate conversation and not an aggressive argument just so we are clear. Emotions get the better of people's words sometimes and I'm just loving what they're doing. We can just "agree to disagree" about the epicness of last night, but calling the first set a "snoozefest" is like the people who called MSG "horrible". Mr. Miner I'm looking in your direction. It was not the greatest NYE ever, but it wasn't horrible. And this probably wasn't the greatest show ever, but 2012 leg II summer tour phish is all I'm listening to right now, and I recommend everybody does the same for a little bit. Respect.
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