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Permalink Posted by CentralScrutinizer on , attached to 2012-09-01
CentralScrutinizerI did notice there were no vowels

but, if that is a joke let me be the forst to say bravo and that they can do better, that's not a great joke. Consideing they only have esther and Eliza to e with, no u songs left and no common o songs left its not that hard to play an all consonant show. But ok. Well done phish on that great follow up gag. Maybe tonight will start with ghost AcDc bag maze Esther and maybe U will get the gamehenge you hate so much. I don't think theyll do it but it would amp up the energy for sure.
And I thought the light was really amazing through most of it actually but not the golden age or prince caspian so much for me. And I love the Weekapaug groove. But the best ever hour of phish and the best show and all that??? I don't think so but I'm glad the cheerleaders do. I didn't think the first set brought anything special and besides the light and mikes groove didn't find the rest very special. But I'm glad the cheerleaders do.
Every good team needs cheerleaders. And phish is the best team out there. And not that it has any place in the conversation, but I am not
a widespread panic fan. Don't dislike them. Don't love them. Love their cream puff war cover though
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