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Permalink Posted by kungkungkung on , attached to 2012-09-01
kungkungkungIf you care what songs phish is playing more than what they sound like then I have nothing to say to you. I do not care what they play! I care how it sounds. I hope they never play another f'ing Gamehenge song again just so you people that hark back to the old days can keep on bitching it up. First set had a great feel and great mood, and they did that on purpose. Yes I agree the Moma and Antelope and a couple others were mellower and not incredible or anything, but it wouldn't make sense to come out and just rage all the time. If you want to see a really hard first set all the time go to Panic and get drunk and have a blast. If you want to enjoy 4 talented musicians attempting to show you the breadth of what they can do, then here we are. I was not a phish fan until they got back together for 3.0. I like the old stuff and listen to it enough nowadays, but if you think that plinkoing mid-to-late-90's drug-induced jam fests that had plenty of nasty shows is better than now, then do some more research. We all have our opinions, but we are not cheerleaders twisting pom poms. I am a serious musician who loves music more than 99.9999% of you, and in my opinion we are watching the greatest performances by what's considered the modern day band ever. Keep enjoying and listening closer. Also I was 100% sober last night and have already listened to the show again, and I still stand behind what I wrote last night. First hour second set just mind-blowing. Greatest live music I've ever heard.
Score: 1

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