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Permalink Posted by Likethingsonmymind on , attached to 2012-09-01

to elaborate;

when antelope opener kicked off i thought here we go!!!! but antelope was sub par, roses are free was average and so was funky bitch and moma dance. 4 songs that can soar to unknown plains of highly exploratory worlds. but they did not. yes they were tight and the whole set was high energy, which i love. but to me guitar solos or keyboard solos dont count as a jam.

set list placement was not typical(except bdtnl) which is a treat but the song playing itself was typical.

golgi and stealing time were the only non typical songs of 2012 1st sets.

i thought saturday 1st set felt more scripted than friday. at least with a scripted set friday they had the unknown of filling time. which worked magnificently.

have we all forgotten about songs like,
pebbles and marbles, scents and subtle sounds, walls of the cave, fee, ester, divided sky, how about the return of an old fav that was barley ever played....will it go round in circles!!!!

there is so much more great phish so underplayed.

the real point here, is getting exploratory in the first set as well, not just second set.

all phish is a great experience, and i would never say a show sucked. but i do know that set could have been much better.
Score: 1

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