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Permalink Posted by CentralScrutinizer on , attached to 2012-08-31
CentralScrutinizerThis was a pretty fun show but didn't capture the magic they're capable of. I'm a huge undermind fan and have been waitin for them to turn one out and this one was explored but i didnt find the jam very exciting or moving. Ditto for te chalkdust jam. It's great they jammed it out and were patient and waited for something to materialize while communication and playing off each other well. But neither jam really went anywhere particularly moving or inspirational or exciting. The dick jokes in fuck your face and grind Meatstick is pretty awesome. I love them so much. But in this show nothing in either set really got me off except triggering my sense of humor which they are great at. Vocal jam, banter and initials of setkist was my favorite part of the whole show but I'm not buying a FLAC show for vocal jams banter and initials of te setlist. I give this show a B. 3/5 stars for humor, creativity and effort. At least they tried. Sounds like some people value the distance they travel into "type 2" jamming away from te song structure but to me that has little value wihout getting someolace really exciting or moving, it has to do more than just be long and far from the "launch pad". It has to get to a jam that, separate from the song structure, could stand on its own as a great piece of original music and none of the jams got there for me on this night although I'm happy theyre trying. A for effort guys. You're the best. Good luck tonight. Break a leg.
Score: -15

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