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Permalink Posted by ckess22 on , attached to 2012-08-31
ckess22Well, what to say? This is a great show. To all who've said that, you're absolutely correct. Fabulous beyond description. Best band ever? Yes. Better than Phish in '97? '95'? Whenever?
Who knows??
Whatever. It doesn't matter. This is a masterful quartet that is on the top fucking echelon of music. Period. Stop reading. want to continue reading? Oh, well, here goes:
You thought you were just going to see you're friends fav band play; no big deal, right? Then you showed up...a rapid first set consisting of just a few songs melted your face said, 'what the fuck bro-dog? That was 'a-hellofa-show' and we've got to move on.
LOW, out of nowhere, you're reminded that this is the end of the first set. You realize your life is worthless and then you get your face melted again in the 2nd set....what's happening, what's going on? Only an awesome show...well done boys, well done.
Score: 2

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