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Permalink Posted by Likethingsonmymind on , attached to 2012-09-01
Likethingsonmymindfirst set had me worried. typical 2012 set. i feel the fans need to unite and gently but firmly push for 1st sets like last nights. enough of saying every show is the best. i feel we have entered an age of rating shows based on their second set. this should not be the case. the 1st set should not be about getting through it so we can get to the goods in the second half.

when you have soared through the lands of gamehendge with phish it gives you a marker of where a show should be. last night was it. second set tonight was it.

the rip cord at the end of golden age felt off,and into caspian, what? turns out caspian was as good as it gets type 2 into more type 2 light which has been such a huge jam vehicle. paige and his teases through light were out of this world. and his singing is superb this year.

no quarter in the mikes groove was a real treat. i think that cover really showcases phish.

more antics with sleeping monkey....always a hit

tweeprize blasted off leaving us wanting more.

obviously phish has shown us they can still deliver on the turn of a dime when ever they want. so unite as phans asking for more of this and in 1st sets as well.

this is why we go to the ends of all to see the greatest live act ever!!
Score: -4

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