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Permalink Posted by nichobert on , attached to 2012-08-31
nichobert"what else can be said? you start spelling out your set and we know exactly what youre gonna do. but what's that? emotional rescue?"

Phish has a lot of songs that start with different letters.

This set could have just as easily gone

Foam-> Undermind*-> Colonel Forbins-> Kung-> Yerushalayim Shel Zahav, Oblivious Fool, Uncle Pen, Reba

Fly Famous Mockingbird> Axilla, Camel Walk-> Esther

If nothing else we'd get the first jammed out Foam, Camel Walk & Esther ever. Or a half hour Reba.

* Ok Undermind & Uncle Pen pretty much have to be here in some capacity if we're using songs they've already done. My fake first set just made me Rock & Roll, Come Together, Twist Around and ride the red red rocket worm from last years stinky old dicks all the way to the walls of the cave.
Score: 1

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