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Permalink Posted by runawaydro on , attached to 2012-08-31
runawaydroIn my opinion, busting out Emotional Rescue was something more special than the many bustouts of first leg. I got Skin It Back in Jones Beach (as well as Happiness is a Warm Gun), I got Sweet Jane at Deer, I got my Dog Log, I got my Shaggy Dog, I saw La Grange, I saw Psycho Killer, I saw Sabotage. Each of these "bustouts" were such a surprise and brought me nothing short of pure joy. To say that I was longing for these particular songs would be a lie. Yes, I was so ecstatic to hear these songs and got the "holy shit are they actually playing this?" feeling. But one bustout that I and many other people have been begging for has been Emotion Rescue. Whether u think they played it well or not, the fact that they did this tonight, the fact that Mike took that risk of opening up his Vocals, you must feel very appreciative. What a treat, thanks guys.
Score: 9

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