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Permalink Posted by FoolOnTheHill on , attached to 2012-08-29
FoolOnTheHillI appreciate Phish's themes. And I feel that there are many questions that the band are posing to their serious listeners. I believe that they intentionally do things that many fans don't appreciate for a reason. It depends on our openness as to how we perceive the outcome.

After the OKC show I asked:
1. What might be the theme behind the devil and demons involved during some of this show?
2. Why didn't they finish If I Could?
3. Why did they play so many repeats from KC and and elsewhere?
4. What might the knife in My Friend symbolize in context with the rest of the show?
5. What would it look like if we all heard the great neurologists: DJ Mulcahey, R&R's man on the radio, Wolfman Jack's brother and stopped these demons and lit up.

If I could answer these questions I would.
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