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Permalink Posted by weekapaugrooven on , attached to 2012-08-29
weekapaugroovenDid several of the leg one dates - the AC run, Burgettstown, SPAC - and my love for Phish soared higher than ever quite a few times during those seven shows.

There were a few times when I felt that my love for Phish was beginning to be reborn in some way, like my brain and senses were desperately trying to compute Phish for the first time again. A few times when I closed my eyes and almost felt sixteen years old again at my first show at Merriweather back in '98. The second set on Saturday at AC, the Light > Manteca sandwich - amazing. The Burgettstown muel duel made me chuckle even at home when I was re-listening to it. And the SPAC run, the Light > Twist > KDF > MFMF blew my fucking mind to put it bluntly. I was just overjoyed at how blissfully comfortable and well they were playing.

Needless to say it was bittersweet when I was on my home from New York State, for I knew I wasn't going to be able to do any of the leg two dates because of my job. I hate to say it now, but I'm almost relieved now that I've heard the majority of the shows being played just weren't as magical. Of course, I would relish any opportunity to see Phish, and I would have done the entire tour if I didn't have to work so heavily during the late summer, but I'm just somewhat relieved that I haven't been missing anything too spectacular. Night 2 at BGCA definitely had IT, but the majority of the leg two nights just aren't speaking to me.

And has anyone else noticed that the song choices for both sets have basically just been jumbled around every night and put in a different order?

I want a Waves, or a dark and spacey SASS akin to 7-30-03 (one of my all time favorite shows), or a Pebbles and Marbles that goes nuts, or if I'm really lucky... Army of One.
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