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Permalink Posted by spocksbrain on , attached to 2012-08-29
spocksbrainI can't believe I'm saying this...but this second leg has been such a disappointment. (Wait for angry fan-boy bashing.) They have about four hundred songs and you can't look in the face and say they aren't playing the same old shit every show. It would be alright if they played the same old shit, but JAMMED! Dude...I could play a BOAF for like twenty minutes on the guitar that would be somewhat good...and it would mix things would make this the best show of the tour!!! They won't do it.

Sorry folks...but first leg absolutely blows this shit out of the water. I can't even believe they are part of the same tour. The two hundred song thing was good because it broke shit up, and made them think on their feet. I hope they make me look like a fool at Dicks but...I'm not holding my breath.
Score: 2

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