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Permalink Posted by PhishMarketStew on , attached to 2012-08-29
PhishMarketStewTonight felt like a wasted opportunity. 1st time in the state of Oklahoma, at a zoo, one of the years last shows...and it just felt phoned in. I don't wanna get into specifics because I like to just move on when Phish drops a dud on us, not wanting to dwell on the negative feelings that bubble up. After all, these are expectations that we set for ourselves and when there not met the wounds become self inflicted.
But still, one gets the feeling that Phish could weave gold on any given night and what it seems to come down to is a choice by the band to either bust ass and nail the gig or just put on the kind of standard show they did tonight.
Of course, having said that, the "standard" Phish show is still miles above most of the dreck that passes for concerts these days so harping on the negative just strikes me as an exercise in futility.
Onward to the Great Rocky Mtns...Lets' hope for more than just 2 standard shows and 1 balls to the wall scorcher.
On a side note, shows like this make it abundantly clear that Phish is in dire need of an injection of new tunes. Their clearly not interested in playing songs like Waves or Steam or any of the other tunes that are gathering dust on the shelf and Leg 2 has been a recycle fest galore. Phish has always been at their best when theres a steady infulx of new songs to play with so the fall recording of this new album can't come soon enough.
Score: 16

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