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Permalink Posted by n00b100 on , attached to 2012-06-23
n00b100The best show of Leg 1, IMO, and the second-best jam sequence (next to San Fran 3, of course); Simple drops into a mellow, ambient-esque range reminiscent of the glorious Vegas '96 rendition, Light gets noisy and weird in the best possible way, and that Weekapaug Groove really might be one of the best of 3.0. Just like San Fran 3, this show would not be out of place in any of the most hallowed 1.0 years (well, other than Light, #L, and 46 Days, but you know what I mean); if that sounds like it's damning with faint praise, give a listen to one of your favorite '93 or '98 shows, and then put this one on and see if I'm wrong.
Score: 3

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