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Permalink Posted by n00b100 on , attached to 2012-08-26
n00b100A lot of fun banter during the first set, and Alumni > LTJP > Alumni is never not welcome, as well as a legitimately strong Bowie and a well-played first-set Fluffhead. The second set is kind of scattered, especially since there are moments where it feels like the band just wants to keep the Mike's Groove going as opposed to creating some sort of flow (and Mike's Song has really not been very impressive this year, with the possible exception of Star Lake). But the Tweezer...oh, that beautiful, hose-exemplar, major chord jam in Tweezer, with echoes of the rich creamery goodness of the 12/31/91 version we all know and love. I think this might be my favorite 3.0 Tweezer yet; if the Groove had been Mike's -> Tweezer -> Weekapaug and everything else shunted to earlier or later in the set, people might be throwing out Long Beach praise, such is the power of this jam. As it stands, it's still very much worth hearing, and the rest of the show is worth a listen at least once for the first set talking, Bowie, and the Crosseyed > McGrupp duo.
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